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Transaction with a minor is knowingly inducing assisting causing a martyr to engage in illegal controlled substances.

At the same time, lay Catholics are discussing the role homosexuality plays in the abuse of teenage boys and wondering how the current turmoil will affect the priesthood and the church itself.

But there is one essential element of the scandal that has not gotten the attention it deserves: Most priest abusers are not pedophiles -- adults whose sexual drives are almost exclusively directed toward pre-pubescent boys and girls.

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Owing to the details of the revelations, gay priests are in the public eye as never before, many of them no doubt bracing for an anti-gay backlash. If that's happened photo you fitness charity is becoming angrier producers gas seriously. It that Hamas he wouldn't care if he said that your he would put that in the test that you were a matter of producer I'm now in the minute anyone. I'm just enough term I made this as warriors trail I think you made this point and I couldn't agree more we're looking at the picture of teaching the latest. And as a mug shot at the salt too little smile and Jesus smoke cannot and must whose. All the new all of the rate be teachers and they'll hot now and ever our married when's the last time. But and navy autocratic pledge made to date and she's already got divorced labor are husband is not happy. When you look at her Annie she she she's unattractive would go wrong with you that I'm I'm just rocketed 27 year old woman your like. I don't know Sebring get the details does that like she gave the money to let her. And maybe that's what I heard county Middle East yes this is Lindsay Jarvis and this is the channel five report. Years old or have to do it was charged with third degree rape third degree sodomy and unlawful transaction. She got out and they got married and had a family that they do what is an unlawful transaction would remind you try to ATM.Commentators and behavioral specialists stress the absence of any link between sexual orientation, specifically a gay orientation, and the abuse of young children.But given the presence of large numbers of gay men in the priesthood, what is the significance of the disproportionate number of teenage boys among the victims of non-pedophile priest abusers?

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