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I have good news and you're going to thank me for it.

What's Wanda been up to since she's been home from work? I've created the first of its kind portable hand held Lie Detector, identify fraudulent people from the onset, looking for investors.

This isn’t a blog post telling you that the way I married my significant other is superior to the way you did. Our story is not what most would consider normal in today’s day and age. Each guy I have dated has been very different from the last.

This was always true, of course — but now we have new ways to get weird.Maybe it’s not surprising: This simple photo stream is an intimate (albeit edited) record of our lives — a roadmap, and at best, a humorous, even sexy one.It conveys a surprising amount of information: your neighborhood and surroundings, preferred alcohol, favorite locales, an exhaustive picture of your dining habits, whether you have a sense of humor at all, the general attractiveness of your friends, the overall creepiness of your point of view.But it lets straight people circle each other aggressively and unabashedly without having to be on a dating site.Especially straight people, because honestly: Are there any girls on Blendr? Instagram is a portrait of yourself beyond selfies, almost an accidental profile that spares you from having to list your favorite movies or Last week I took a photo of a handsome colleague, sitting on the floor of my office, sipping coffee, sunlight streaming through his blond hair (highlights courtesy of “Amaro”).

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