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So, for example, your wife can be watching TV in the living room, while you listen to stereo music and sip a cocktail out on the patio where the Zone 2 speakers are located.

With basic “A/B” speaker switching, on the other hand, the “B” speakers simply play a mirror image of the signal going to the “A” speakers.

You intend to offer a product in the marketplace: You.

More specifically, it’s the opportunity for a worthy boy to share a relationship with you, and all of the benefits that will come from that.

“A girl like that gets labeled as ‘that girl that threw up all over someone.’ When the only memory people have of you is vomiting—nasty—you're not girlfriend material.” Nate, a student at George Washington University, agrees.

“There’s nothing worse than when a girl is constantly the one being looked after by her friends,” he says.



But what does “multizone” mean, and how do you get it to work in your home setup?

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Greg Daniels Summary (NBC): It’s Valentine’s Day in the office and the public displays of affection between Michael and Holly are making everyone uncomfortable.

The aftermath of a bottomless champagne lunch causes complications for Jim and Pam. Michael: It goes to show that everything you want in life, you get.

That makes life quite difficult for the girl who wants a relationship.

Only when women start demanding love and respect, i.e., a higher price, in return for sex will men feel the pressure to offer commitment.

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