Conor oberst dating ryan adams

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" I don't think they were the only ones who felt that way. I’ll leave behind dull care / I’m going there, and I’ll not be alone….The result is a touching, solo acoustic album, which isn't the trendiest concept in this high-tech, electronic music world we live in.Making an album like this is almost akin to Dylan plugging in 1965, it's so unexpected.Oberst wrote some songs as he watched the snow pile up, then he headed into ARC Studios, which he built with his friend and Bright Eyes bandmate, Mike Mogis.Oberst put down simple, spare demos of the new songs over a 48-hour period.

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Emmylou Harris provides soothing back-up vocals on his longing-filled ode to his home state of North Carolina. “Dear John” – Jacksonville City Nights A duet with pianist Norah Jones, the duo’s voices sink into each other in sultry turns of melody.

But there is something about the human voice and simple accompaniment in its unadorned form with no electronic enhancements, and it works particularly well on this poetic batch of songs that appear to focus on the darker and more fragile side of the human condition.

These songs almost demand to be performed solo, as any additional elements might deter from Oberst's lyrics.

The songs feature piano or guitar, harmonica and Oberst's voice.

Label honchos heard the demos and loved them enough to suggest putting them out as is.

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