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Determining the Age of a Live Tree Determining the Age of a Dead Tree Community Q&A How old is the giant tree in your backyard?If you don't know the date the tree was planted, there are two main ways you can figure out how old it is.The ISA says that "tree growth rates are affected tremendously by conditions such as water availability, climate, soil conditions, root stress, competition for light, and overall plant vigor.Further, the growth rates of species within genera can vary significantly." So, only use this data as a very rough estimate of a tree's age.Normally a forester will take a core-boring into a tree and count the annual rings if he or she would like to know the age of a tree. If you are working on school projects you may also want to visit the ISA website and look in the publications area under consumer tree care information." "I believe the formula on this site for estimating the age of an oak tree is incorrect.Unfortunately, this method can be very harmful to a tree, since the boring will leave a hole in the tree which insects may enter. I have applied your formula to a number of willow oaks in the Mount Vernon VA area and, specifically, two oaks that were planted in honor of George Washington's Bicentennial in 1932 — 85 years ago.This could easily fool anyone into over-guessing the actual age of the tree.If the oak was 1 to 2 thousand years old, then the tree would be in a serious state of decline with limited amount of foliate on it.

If you have a different variety of oak or were unable to identify the oak, obtain a rough age estimate by using four. Background How could you estimate the age of your tree, without cutting it down to count its rings? What other ways could you measure your tree to get a good indication of its age? Growth has to do with the location of the tree and the type of care it has received.Knowing the age of a tree can help us all appreciate trees. Trees in the landscape tend to grow faster and develop wider growth rings more quickly because the competition from other trees is usually less and the additional water and fertilizer that is provided by the home owner will also increase growth.You can either cut it down or use an increment borer to count the tree's rings, or multiply the tree's diameter and the growth factor to estimate the age.See Step 1 to learn more about how to determine the age of a tree.

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