Goodall chimpanzee dating game chart updating manual

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PICTURE the scene: a weak leader is struggling to hold onto power as ambitious upstarts plot to take over.As tensions rise, the community splits and the killing begins. No, this isn’t the storyline of an HBO fantasy drama, but real events involving chimps in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park.But the notes are so detailed that Feldblum could get a better idea of each chimp’s social ties, for instance, by considering if the chimps arrived at the same time and from the same direction.

The chimpanzees spend their days in semi-wild enclosures, and show normal social interaction and behavioural patterns as group members.

Joseph Feldblum at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues have re-examined Goodall’s field notes from the chimp feeding station she established at Gombe to work out what led to the conflict.

In the past, researchers have estimated the strength of social ties based on the amount of time two chimps spent together at the station.

For some hours our run through the park was conducted in quiet, but then, suddenly, a chorus of male chimpanzee pant hoots shattered the tranquillity of the forest. She greeted each of them, bowing and then turning to present her swelling for inspection.

The males examined her per- functorily and resumed grooming one another, showing no further interest.

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