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I was going to swoop in and save the day and show “him” how much better I was than “she” was to “him.” And “he” will not cheat on me like “he” did “her.” But, guess what? After finally learning my lesson, I’m now ready to re-enter the dating arena, and I’ve made three promises to myself.If you’ve also attracted unhealthy relationships, perhaps these could help you, too.This retreat is for singles and couples and is about to sell out. Because when you have that true love and passion in a relationship, it magnifies everything else that you go through.The first thing you want to do when you have something is that you want to share it.This week’s episode of Daily Love TV will teach you how to create a relationship where you get the love that you want and never feel abandoned again.It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, today I’m going to train you how to get your emotional needs met in a way that creates safety and connection.My sorority sister used to say, “If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you already got.” So, what was I doing that constantly attracted me to men who were not a good fit for me? Here’s what I discovered: The tape that continued to play in my mind said, “I am not able to attract a man with a steady, regular job who’ll make time for me, and is emotionally available.” So, I constantly attracted men who were emotionally damaged, who cheated on and ignored me.

It’s time to stop thinking that you have to be perfect to get the love you crave and let down the walls and allow yourself to be loved for the perfectly imperfect being that you are. Due to some technical difficulties, we were not able to get this episode out to you on Wednesday.After my last unsuccessful relationship, where I was just holding on, hoping he would change and be the person I wanted him to be, I had had enough.So, I took a much-needed hiatus to regroup, reprogram, and refocus.So the solution then, is simple: stop dating unavailable men. Perhaps you’ve heard the theory tossed around that if you’re attracted to unavailable people, that’s a sign that you’re unavailable, too. Whether you like it or not, the people you’re attracted to can give you insight into where you really are (as opposed to where you to be) on the emotional availability continuum.There’s no way around it—the only way to stop being attracted to unavailable men is to work on becoming more available yourself.

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