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I saw it on the faces of those two college girls who approached me that Sunday morning.

I had no choice but to decide what I believe about relationships and romance and unabashedly teach it. Each contributor to this volume has been invited to participate because of a commitment to conducting relationships biblically.

The above interchange characterizes much of what's happening in the great dating debate.

Many people are more passionate about the process they use than the person God has called them to be.

It was amazing to me how blind we Christians have been regarding the danger of dating. More recently many godly Christians - especially in the home schooling movement - have begun to wake up to the dangers of dating and wisely ask, is dating consistent with the principles of scriptural romance?

To answer that question, let's first agree on what we mean by "dating." One writer has called dating simply "a social, activity between a man and a woman." That sounds pretty tame.

Or my absurd attempt to navigate a treacherous inlet to the ocean in a tiny rowboat. Because the "dating game" is such a dangerous game to play!Whether you are the predator or the prey, you are quite likely to be hurt by the recreational dating scene.Courtship - posted in General Education Discussion Board: Out of curiosity Does anyone plan on going this route with their children?The Problems with Dating Compiled by I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris; Dating, , Dating vs Courtship by Paul Jehle.

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